About Catina Morrison 

Catina Morrison is a registered nurse, Chronic Illness Advocate, Founder and CEO of Nurse Loves Essentials, President of Inflamed Sisters Thriving Inc. (non-profit), blogger and host of Inflamed Sisters Thriving Podcast.

Catina, a registered nurse (RN, BSN), and Executive MBA Student, Class of 2025, thrives amidst battling multiple health conditions. Her career spans nursing, quality measure reviews, and overseeing clinical data strategy, procurement, and optimization.

Together with her fervent dedication to advocating for diversity and inclusion in medical research, particularly for autoimmune diseases, Catina brings her talents as a speaker to the forefront. Possessing a proven record of leadership and innovation, she excels as a Community Architect, adept in networking, forging partnerships, and cultivating supportive communities. Catina empowers women from diverse backgrounds to pursue their aspirations and advocate without compromise.

Through Nurse Loves Essentials LLC, founded in 2021, Catina advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion in medical research, focusing on autoimmune and chronic illnesses. Additionally, as the founder of Inflamed Sisters Thriving, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, she fosters resilience and advances DEI initiatives in healthcare and professional domains.

Collaborate with Catina to spearhead positive change through her dynamic speaking and consulting services, implement effective strategies for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in healthcare, and experience safe spaces that will inspire, educate, and motivate you to thrive.



Where it all began and how it´s going now

2016: Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia

Catina has bravely confronted chronic pain, fatigue, and anemia since childhood, enduring years of medical gaslighting and misdiagnosis. Following a near-fatal car accident in 2012 and four years of relentless pain, she received a diagnosis of the autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia in 2016. Two years thereafter, she was also diagnosed with endometriosis, a testament to her resilience in the face of adversity

2022 & Beyond: A Thriving Year!

Since early 2022, Catina’s business has flourished, marked by significant milestones including successful brand partnerships, the launch of the Inflamed Sisters Thriving Podcast, and the establishment of a group coaching program and community. Notably, she hosted the inaugural Inflamed Sisters Thriving Summit and Gala, pioneering impactful events. By January 2023, Catina’s influence soared as she was featured in Canvas Rebel and Women’s Health Magazine. In November 2023, she founded the non-profit, Inflamed Sisters Thriving Inc., obtaining 501(c)(3) status. Catina’s journey progresses as she pursues her Executive MBA at Quantic School of Business and Technology, set to graduate in 2025. Today, she hosts international wellness retreats and events, utilizing her expertise as a speaker and consultant to passionately advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare, while also raising awareness for autoimmune diseases.

2006: Became A Registered Nurse (RN,BSN)

Catina embarked on her healthcare career in 2000 as a unit secretary in Pediatrics at Lakeland Regional Medical Center, igniting her passion for nursing. After graduating from McKeel Academy of Technology with and outstanding GPA, she earned a full academic scholarship to the University of South Florida, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the esteemed School of Nursing. Commencing her nursing career at Tampa General Hospital, Catina later diversified her expertise into utilization management and clinical quality data management for leading insurance companies.

2021: Established Nurse Loves Essentials

Catina’s encounters within the healthcare system ignited her fervor to aid women navigating chronic illnesses, aiming to expedite diagnosis and treatment processes while enabling them to pursue their aspirations without compromising their well-being. In June 2021, she embarked on this mission by establishing her Chronic Illness Coaching business through targeted marketing on Instagram. With an immediate focus on empowering women to transcend limitations with holistic health support, Catina commenced coaching sessions, empowering her clients to cease hiding and embrace thriving across all facets of life.

Meet The Team

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Tresa Dunston

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Bethany DeCola

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She is genuine, passionate, & persuasive.

Catina facilitated multiple collaborations for ImYoo by connecting us to her extensive network within the wellness community. She helped us fundraise by coaching our community members. This really showcased Catina’s skills in stakeholder management and organization.

Catina cleverly pointed us in the direction of a more personalized marketing campaign that highlighted the experiences of our Autoimmune Warriors. From ideation to execution, she turned this concept into clear messaging for our brand. With Catina’s help, we didn’t just grow our social media following– we gained followers who are truly invested in our company.

Catina is committed and diligent. When she sets her mind to a task, she works around the clock to accomplish it. She doesn’t simply put in the bare minimum. Catina is great at communicating upfront and is very responsive throughout the project. She is genuine, passionate, and persuasive.

You would be very lucky to have her amplify the voice of your company.

– Emily Harari, ImYoo



She gives tools to thrive

You have helped me to advocate for myself, especially, when it comes to work and even with doctors. I’m able to speak up more because I’m coming prepared. You have helped me to appreciate and I’m really comfortable to know myself a lot more with this new body, and to really give myself grace. You have really given me the tools to not just survive, but thrive with chronic illness.
Memphis, TN

She is A DREAM to communicate with.

Working with Catina has been a wonderful experience from the start.

She delivered everything she promised (posting about our product, engaging with our account, and hosting us for discussions on her channels), but she didn’t stop there. She took the time to get to know our product and company mission, facilitating collaborations with other business owners, connecting me to people who could help my business grow, providing materials from her business development courses, inviting us to speak at her events, and more. We saw more sales and engagement and grew our followers through her work.

Business things aside, she is A DREAM to communicate with and a wonderful person. I’m very happy to have her as part of our community and to be part of hers.

-Nicole Cartwright, Powderful


Knowledgeable, Caring, and Inspiring

“Catina, is such a powerful woman. She is very knowledgeable. She is also very caring towards others and willing to help in any way that she can. Catina has inspired me to stay motivated through health issues and write a blog. I am so grateful for her. If you are in need of someone who truly cares and has a desire to help, Catina is perfect”
Alisha Campbell
Pataskala, OH

Catina has an inviting spirit

“I was so excited because Catina had this inviting spirit about her. In talking to Catina I knew I needed to make some serious changes. I wake up, make my bed, stretch, journal, pray, meditate, reflect on what my day will look like and write my affirmations. I know in order for me to change my mindset on my pain I need to have daily task to help me keep going. I know I will always suffer from RA, anxiety and depression and am now working with my doctor, but I will not let it take over my life.”
Vanessa Neher