Catina Morrison, CEO of Nurse Loves Essentials, can be found in media…

as she is featured in or contributed to publications, blogs and podcasts with a focus on healthcare diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), chronic illness advocacy, holistic wellness and resilience. Her vulnerable and transparent expression of her personal journey with chronic illness magnifies the strength of resilience while highlighting her knowledge of holistic health and evidence-based practice. Being willing and able to compassionately speak about challenging subject matters, Catina champions the voice of culturally diverse women and is a testament to thriving personally and professionally despite a complicated health journey. Here are several instances where she can be found in media.

2023 Press

Creaky Joints - Patient Spot Featured Interview

Catina shares how to set SMART Goals for your health care journey with Shelley Fritz.

Women's Health Magazine Featured Interview

Jackie Lam, Senior Health Editor interviews and shares Catina’s tips to Identify Your Mission in Identity Shift in the March 2023 edition.

Creaky Joints Featured Article

Shelley Fritz interviews and shares Catina’s Journey with Chronic Illness: From Hiding to Helping.

Canvas Rebel Featured Article

Canvas Rebel Magazine interviews Catina Morrison.

Patients Rising Stories

Catina shares her story on Patients Rising Stories.

2022 Press

Comorbidities, Chronic Pain and Hope w/ Catina Morrison of the Inflamed Sisters Thriving Podcast

Mayia Warren interviews Catina Morrison on the Better Not Bitter podcast.

Why Women's Health requires Self Advocacy with Catina Morrison

Genesis Amaris Kemp interviews Catina Morrison on the GEMS with Genesis Amaris Kemp podcast.

Catina Arthritis Awareness Month

Jenni Weaver (a.k.a. Gracefully Jen) interviews Catina Morrison on the My Spoonie Sisters podcast.

Favourite Anti-inflammatory Recipes from the Chronic Pain Community

To Better Days blog features Catina Morrison’s favorit anti-inflammatory recipe.

What’s it like to be a nurse with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and endometriosis?

Cheryl Crow interviews Catina Morrison on the Arthritis Life podcast.

I Am Successful But I Have Imposter Syndrome ft Catina Morrison

Jenell B. Stewart interviews Catina Morrison on the Look On The Bright Side podcast.

MenoLounge Featured Interview

Julie Gordon White interviews Catina Morrison on the MenoLounge Instagram Reels series.

Don’t Let Them Gaslight Your Health

Zoe Rothblatt and Steven Newmark interviews Catina Morrison on the Health Advocates podcast.