Inflamed Sisters Thriving Digital Swag Bag

Digital Swag Bag

Catina Morrison – Host & Speaker

Catina Morrison is a registered nurse (RN,BSN), CEO of Nurse Loves Essentials LLC, and the host of Inflamed Sisters Thriving Podcast. She has been featured in Women’s Health Magazine, The Lakeland Ledger, CanvasRebel, and Creaky Joints, to name a few. She is the organizer of the annual events, Inflamed Sisters Thriving Summit & Gala and Inflamed Sisters Thriving Boss Brunch & Network.

Mrs. Morrison uses her decades of healthcare experience to assist women living with chronic illnesses to stop hiding and start thriving. Her own chronic illness journey fueled her mission to create an environment where women can achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential without sacrificing their health. With proven mindset, self-advocacy, and business strategies, she helps women to do what they are passionate about and advocate for themselves.

Catina provides women with the tools and resources they need to remain consistent as they thrive in health, career, and business. As a Community Architect, she is highly skilled at networking, forming fruitful collaborations, and creating compassionate communities where people living with chronic illnesses can thrive together. She continues to develop successful partnerships with companies and non-profits that serve the autoimmune disease community to promote awareness, health advocacy, and diversity and inclusion in research.

Click this link for your free copy of the Inflamed Sisters’ Guide to Thriving with Self-Advocacy for Health.

Schedule a free Discovery Call to learn strategies to help you to stop hiding and start thriving in health, career, and business. And discover opportunities for collaboration and networking.

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C.R.O.W.N Exclusive CEO
Paradigm Consulting and Financial Solutions

Ekeyah Wallace – Host & Speaker

Ekeyah Wallace is the CEO of Wallace, Johnson & Thomas Investments dedicated to helping others reach success as entrepreneur. Specializing in empowering first-time entrepreneurs identify business needs and prepare for the joy of long-term success. Ekeyah has been in the corporate and health communities for over 20 years, the health/life insurance industry for over 7 years. Graduating with her degree in International Business, Ekeyah is passionate about encouraging others with the knowledge that she acquired. During college Ekeyah discovered individuals that had unbelievable ideas but lacked understanding of business execution to bring those ideas to fruition. Teaching others how to be a BOSS became the focus. Attaining her Project Management certifications, (PMP, SCRUM, ITIL) and Insurance certifications opened new doors. As a qualified Project Manager, she worked for one of the country’s major Fortune 500 clinical laboratories while continuing to build her business.

After Ekeyah and her immediate family were diagnosed with rare auto immune and terminal illnesses, life pivoted. The importance of health and life insurance became a common topic when educating others on how to become successful entrepreneurs. Service to others became the mission; sitting on the board of trustees for colleges, creating/leading several projects to enhance the quality of life for employees and assisting entrepreneurs in beginning their journey has allowed Ekeyah to impact her community. These actions led to opportunities to provide one on one consultations and encourage others through speaking events. Inspiring others to introduce their gift to the world is the goal of entrepreneurship. Ekeyah has found joy in encouraging others to reach this goal while finding efficient resolutions to motivate their progress and empowering others to lead.

Free Business Consultation and $50 off custom package; mention boss brunch when booking appointment 

Entrepreneur Roadmap (EDR) Free with a booked Consultation appointment


Expert Roofers

Expert Roofers – Sponsor

Discover Expert Roofers, a beacon of excellence in the heart of Central Florida, where craftsmanship meets compassion. With a rich legacy spanning over 30 years, we stand as a testament to unparalleled roofing expertise. Yet, our identity extends beyond roofing shingles and sturdy structures. We are true believers in community, dedicated to uplifting lives through our philanthropic endeavors. At Expert Roofers, our commitment goes far beyond exceptional service; it encompasses mentorship, active volunteering, and significant donations to vital causes, including our support for the Breast Cancer Foundation. When you choose us, you’re not merely investing in a roof; you’re contributing to a legacy of giving back. Our customer-first approach ensures your satisfaction is paramount, while our philanthropic efforts ensure your choice echoes in the community. Come, join us in building a brighter future, one roofing project at a time. Contact Expert Roofers today, and let’s build not just houses but a nurturing community together.

Ashley Nicole – Speaker & Sponsor

Ashley Nicole is the Founder, Master Trainer and Autoimmune Health Coach of RA Warrior Fitness.  She’s NFPT certified specializing in personal training, fitness nutrition, endurance and strength training. She’s overcome many obstacles to maintain and improve her own personal lifestyle while managing RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and lupus.  

RA Warrior Fitness was founded on January 27, 2020 with the mission to empower autoimmune women to improve their quality of life through faith, food and fitness. Ashley inspires her Warriors to reach their goals while achieving maximum results and making RHEUM to RISE! 

Ashley loves Jesus, family, fitness, food, football and music! Ashley is a professional bodybuilding athlete with the Global Bodybuilding Organization and the Natural Fit Federation.

She’s a native of Florence, Alabama and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. Just a Bama girl living in a Texas world and loving it!

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Dr. Kimberly Phillips – Speaker & Sponsor

Dr. Kimberly A. Phillips is a board-certified Family Physician who has been practicing medicine for over 28 years. She lives in central Florida with her husband Dr. Harold E. Phillips, Jr, MD and they raised three beautiful children together. Dr. Phillips is a native of Detroit Michigan where she had a dream of becoming a doctor since the second grade. After High School she attended Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee where she obtained her undergraduate degree in chemistry. From there Dr. Phillips was proudly accepted to and graduated from Meharry Medical College. She met and married her husband, Dr. Harold Phillips, a day before graduation. They moved to Houston Texas where they both completed residency in Family Medicine. Upon graduation from residency, she moved to Connecticut with her husband to work in an underserve area on a National Public Health Scholarship. They practiced in Connecticut for over 20 years.

After miraculously recovering from a life-threatening illness, she went back to school and obtained her master’s degree in human nutrition. After obtaining her degree, her and her husband spent several years helping hundreds of patients improve their health though bridging the gap between nutritional medicine and traditional family medicine. Helping patient’s loss weight has become her passion. She has personally declared war on obesity. Dr. Phillips struggled with weight and body image issues most of her life and as a result of her studies and personal victories, she developed the Victory Diet System. The goal of the Victory Diet system is to help people get healthy so that they
can live the lives they were meant to live without being burden by avoidable medical problems.

Dr. Kimberly Phillips
Photo of Lisa Charles
Photo of Lisa Charles

Lisa Charles – Speaker & Sponsor

Lisa is an Award-Winning, International Keynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author of “Yes! Commit Do Live” – a book centered on training people to tap into the Brain-Body connection enabling them to embrace any passion and desire and turn it into tangible results. 

Lisa is also the CEO of Embrace Your Fitness, LLC, a wellness consultancy driven to bring innovative, creative, and effective Wellness programs to individuals, corporations, and organizations. 

After serving as a state and federal prosecutor, singer/actress, and experiencing the loss of 77lbs without dieting, Lisa found a passion for wellness as a Coach and Trainer. She then served as the Fitness/Wellness Research Coordinator for the Rutgers University Aging & Brain Health Alliance.

Now, as a Brain, Body, and Belief Alignment Expert, Lisa specializes in the Integrative Wellness approach focusing on Sleep management and Breathing techniques. These curated techniques empower individuals to let go of their limiting beliefs, embrace who they are, and break through any age-limiting barriers, by allowing them to experience wellness from her “Top/Down, Inside/Out” approach. 

Be prepared to experience the Age-Defying Life (“ADL”) and release stress, renew energy, restore sleep, and gain the mental clarity to live the life of your dreams.

Retreat –
RTW Tribe –
Sound Pillow –
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Heather Hughes headshot
Optimum Health & Wellness Logo

Optimum Health & Wellness – Sponsor

Heather Hughes was born and raised in Florida. She graduated with her Associate in Nursing in 2006 and worked predominantly as an ER Nurse for 12 years while supervising the psychiatric pod. She obtained her Master’s in Nursing and began practicing as a Nurse Practitioner in 2015. She obtained her Doctorate in Nursing from UNF.

Heather Hughes is a board certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and is also certified as an Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner. As a Nurse Practitioner, in addition to psychiatry, she has practiced in primary & urgent care, medical weight loss, and medical aesthetics. Heather is an active member of the American Psychiatric Association

Erika Sneath – Speaker

Author of “Adalene plays many ways”

Erika (she/her/hers) is an author and advocate. When she couldn’t find a children’s book that captured some of her own experiences navigating chronic pain, she wrote one! Adalene Plays Many Ways is a story inviting readers to navigate the ups and downs of chronic pain alongside the one battling pain as well as those closest to them. Join them as they go to the park, reflect on their emotions, and ask questions that invite understanding and promote belonging. Stemming from a place of increasing inclusion, Erika invites others to learn and grow alongside her.

Click here to receive one of “Adalene plays many ways” signed & dedicated copies available at 25% off when you enter THRIVING into the contact form.

Dr. LaShawn Weaver-Lee – Speaker

Dr. LaShawn A. Weaver-Lee is a board-certified OB/GYN who currently practices in Kinston, NC, where she is Chief Medical Officer of the Kinston Community Health Center. She completed her undergraduate degree in Microbiology at Howard University in Washington, D.C. She spent several years working as a marine biologist in Charleston, SC, but fulfilled her dream of going to medical school in 2000 at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. She earned her MD degree there in 2004. She completed her OB/GYN residency in 2008 at East Carolina University located in Greenville, NC and has been board-certified since 2010. She has a passion for taking care of women and ensuring their maximal health – both in their childbearing and non-childbearing years. 

Dr. Weaver-Lee was born and raised in Washington, D.C., where her family still resides. She is married and has a daughter and grandson.

Rithana Srikanth / leapcure – Speaker & Sponsor

Leapcure’s mission is for clinical trials to be tailored for people. We make patient voices and concerns a priority for researchers, while connecting patients with clinical trial options. Leapcure is a global team of thought leaders who elevate patient interactions to progress research for all. We do this with a purposeful, brave culture that deeply connects to each of our personal values. Through innovative technology and empathetic conversations, our impact is limitless. We’ve come to realize how we can improve patient outcomes when we listen to study teams, physicians, and sponsors too – and we can help our stakeholders across the industry when we can align on innovations that matter most to patients.

Rithana Srikanth is an Advocacy Partnerships Specialist at Leapcure, working with patients and advocacy groups to make research more equitable. She lives in Chicago and holds a B.S. in neuroscience and psychology from UCLA. 

Picture of Rithana Srikanth
leapcure logo

Rana Rose – Speaker

As an Accounting professional for 30 years, I have had the opportunity to work for small to medium-sized companies, publicly-traded to private companies, and government entities to nonprofit organizations to help streamline processes, increase efficiency, and drive growth. During my corporate career, I’ve had the privilege of being the financial steward for budgets ranging from $10M to upwards of $280M. Due to the wealth of knowledge, education and experience gained on my corporate journey, I have decided to use my expertise by pivoting from corporate to becoming an entrepreneur.

With God’s blessing, I started my company Accounting with a Purpose, LLC. Passionate about giving back to my community, my company is based in the greater Dallas, TX area but we serve clients across the US. I help small businesses financially invest in themselves by providing bookkeeping, income tax, and consulting services resulting in revenue growth and tax savings. My company not only provides businesses with their financial information but we serve as their financial partner to guide and educate them to ensure they are equipped with the proper information to make sound business decisions.

Click this link to receive a free 60 minute consultation.  Mention Thriving when booking.

Click here to receive 20% off Bookkeeping or Consulting Services. Text “THRIVING” to (945) 264-9421 or mention “THRIVING” via email 

Deirdre Speed – Speaker & Vendor

I am a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor.  I help individuals understand how functional nutrition can heal their body by delving into the root cause. This is done through proper nutrition and supplements. This is what led me to MDC, they endeavor to help individuals on their journey of health, wellness and wealth.

Receive a $10 off gift card with any $25 or more purchase. Gift card will be sent once order is placed.

Picture of Deirdre Speed
My Daily Choice logo

Christina CooperFoster – Speaker

CHRISTINA COOPERFOSTER is a Transformation Coach for High Powered Women, the CEO of Kick Ass Coaching for Women, and the Founder of Beautiful YOU – a virtual support group meeting to discover, recover and uncover the Beautiful in all of us.  

Born in a Taiwanese prison, raised on a dairy goat farm in south Florida, beaten by bullies, assaulted by the police, growing up with migrant workers and the KKK, and her extraordinary quest to Taiwan nearly 50 years after she was adopted by White Americans, Christina CooperFoster has finally put her stories in writing and is now speaking to audiences around the world, teaching life lessons about overcoming the pain and losses of: discrimination, misogyny, violence, trauma, abuse and betrayal; And parenting children with autism, disabilities, neurodivergent disorders, mental illness and addiction, anxiety and depression, chronic pain, uncurable and rare diseases.  

Christina’s life is not an Asian story.  It is not an American story.  It is not a woman’s story.  It is the story of what it means to be human and the transforming power of finding one’s purpose through our pain.

Click this link to register for FREE Journaling With Purpose On Purpose Introduction Session.

Click here to register to attend the BeautifulYou Support Group.

Christina CooperFoster

Bethany DeCola, Founder of Scrum As You Are – Speaker

Bethany’s love for computers started at a young age and she quickly developed a passion for programming and web design. She pursued her interest in information technology by enrolling at the University of Phoenix and specializing in computer hardware. Throughout her career, Bethany has worked in various sectors, including legal, financial, and tech.

During the pandemic, Bethany decided to focus more on helping organizations and development teams by providing workshops, organizational plans, and team mentoring to implement the Scrum framework successfully. This led to the creation of Scrum As You Are, a digital transformation agency that provides small businesses with a one-stop-shop for everything they need to exist online, including social media, technical project management, copywriting services, web development and design, and software solutions.

Bethany’s goal is to help reduce customer and employee frustration with products and services by building better teams that focus on self-organization to produce better outcomes. With her passion for technology and her dedication to improving team productivity, Bethany continues to make a positive impact in the tech industry.

Image of Bethany DeCola sitting outside with long breads, an orange top and cellphone in her hand. Bethany is the Founder of Scrum As You Are.
Serita Valmond

Serita Valmond – Speaker 

Serita is a Master Certified Coach specializing in Chronic Pain, an award-winning author, RISE (formerly Milwaukee County Substance Abuse & Prevention Coalition) Mental Health Award Recipient and offers words of encouragement on WJMR Jammin 98.3 segment That’s What She Said. Serita understands chronic pain personally. Enduring pain and the broken healthcare system after she was rear-ended seven years ago by a drunk driver. Serita set out to educate herself on a holistic approach to pain management, and with implementation, she started to regain her life.

Serita specializes in working with BIPOC individuals who are looking to build resilience and transform their lives. By providing personalized coaching, Serita helps her clients overcome challenges and achieve their goals in a sustainable way. No matter where you are in your journey, Serita will meet you where you are and provide the support and guidance you need to thrive.

Click this link to book a call.


Picture of April Harris

April Harris – Speaker

After being diagnosed with Severe Ulcerative Colitis at 20 years old, April has since developed her career as an Author, Speaker, VA Coach and IBD Patient Advocate and Thought Leader.

April is a multi-passionate entrepreneur from Cape Girardeau, Missouri who has woven all of her passions into one core mission: to empower those who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness to thrive in all aspects of their life.

In addition to running a successful online Virtual Assistant Coaching Program where she teaches Autoimmune Warriors how to build a profitable and flexible home based business as a highly sought after virtual assistant, she is also known for her candid discussions of living life with IBD. She has been featured in various podcasts, video interviews, as well as online and print articles.

April believes that being diagnosed with a chronic illness is a multi-layered challenge that requires a multi-layered solution to successfully manage. In 2022 she set out to write the book and tell the stories that she needed to hear when she was first diagnosed 14+ years ago. Her book became a #1 Best Seller in New Releases for books about Digestive Diseases and Disorders.

April believes that although life is changed after a chronic illness diagnosis, it is not over. Rather, it is a new beginning.


Lisa Campbell Photo
Care Leadership Logo

Lisa Campbell – Speaker & Vendor

Lisa is a seasoned Registered Nurse who’s expertise and experience span over two
decades, as an educator, executive leader, and mentor. Her desire to highlight the
positive impact of holistic and integrative care led her to elevate her nursing practice by earning the nationally recognized board certification of Nurse Coach through the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation. Lisa also holds a Master of Healthcare Administration.

As a catalyst and advocate for holistic health and wellness, Lisa’s supports individuals, groups, and organizations through a transformative journey, to understand unmanaged stress, process trauma, and learn about the impact of
holistic practices and nervous system regulation.

She is the CEO and founder of CARE Leadership Coaching & Consulting and author of the S.T.A.R.T. with YOU! Self-Care Journal and framework. Lisa empowers her clients with the tools and knowledge needed to not just “get by” but to thrive. Her approach focuses on creating actionable steps towards achieving optimal health, allowing individuals to lead fulfilling lives, develop meaningful relationships, and live life WELL!

Lisa is also a wife and mother of two busy teenagers and when Lisa is not brainstorming on ways to fulfill her God-given assignment, she is hanging out with her family, singing, running, or enjoying nature.

Picture of Terrell Salley-Holliman

Terrell Salley-Hollimon – Speaker

Terrell Salley-Holliman, an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Mentor and Advocate who is changing lives around the world. Terrell’s story is one of triumph over adversity, as she has battled and overcome the challenges of Systemic lupus erythematosus, emotional eating, and low confidence to become a lifestyle health coach with a global following. 

Terrell’s journey started 30 years ago when she was diagnosed with Systemic lupus erythematosus. Despite suffering from terrible pains and attacks on her organs, Terrell never gave up hope. Her weight exploded to over 100 pounds due to emotional eating, but after taking charge of her health 19 years ago, Terrell began her journey towards recovery. 

Terrell’s perspective on life shifted as she began eating specific foods for her blood type, which helped her lose weight, boost her energy, and gain confidence. Today, Terrell is a lifestyle health coach who has built a following globally and offers retreats, group programs, with digital and physical products to assist others achieve their own health and wellness goals. She’s appeared on various podcasts, Youtube interviews and is featured in a top Women’s magazine on the Bloodtype Diet. Terrell believes being discipline in your health creates a ripple effect in all areas of your life. 

Terrell’s was a native New Yorker. Now resides in Newark NJ with her spouse. She loves travel, football, swimming and connecting with other amazing people.

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Soul Stir is a tea & wellness company founded in 2018 by sisters, tea artisans and holistic wellness advocates, Erin & Kristina Walden, better known as The Soul Sisters of Tea™. The company’s mission is to “promote self-care, wellness and community through the practice of tea ritual” and to share simple and sustainable practices for experiencing daily well-being. Soul Stir‘s mission is carried out through the creation and curation of products and services that nurture the mind, body and soul.

The company’s signature tea brand, KēWi Teas™ by Soul Stir is a collection of all natural, artisan teas and tisanes masterfully crafted with exceptional quality tea leaves, organic herbs, pure spices, and real fruit. Their teas boast an array of beautiful flavors, varied wellness benefits, and are always crafted with the most important ingredient, love.

We are excited for you to experience their #looseleaflove for yourself at this year’s Boss Brunch!
Use Coupon Code SISTERSTHRIVING for discount.

Waters Edge Essential Oils – Vendor

Donna Cook is the Founder and CEO of Waters Edge Essential Oils. Her holistic health journey began 7 years ago when she started using Young Living Essential Oils. She knew that the course of her life would be changed after seeing the extraordinary impact that essential oils had on just one person’s wellness. She now educates others about the benefits of premium essential oils and oil-infused supplements. She also teaches others how to use them to get their maximum benefits.


Click this link to receive 10% off the Ningxia Red bundle. This bundle includes our BEST selling supplement, Ningxia Red. Just one ounce a day can help with immune system support. Use coupon code SHAREYL.

Evolve Now Network – Sponsor

We wanted to create a comprehensive directory where anyone can find the help they need under one roof, to improve all facets of their life. This includes health, relationships, leisure, social life, love, personal growth, career, and finances. We envision helping people to be the best version of themselves, ultimately achieving wholeness and happiness. We envision helping people to be the best version of themselves, ultimately achieving wholeness and happiness. Evolve is on a mission to improve the lives of people, animals, and nature.

photo of evolve now network logo
C.R.O.W.N Exclusive CEO

Tresa Dunston – Vendor

Tresa Dunston is the Founder and CEO of C.R.O.W.N Exclusive and Dazzled by Dunston. She is a Lupus Warrior and mompreneur who is passionate about helping others feel and look their best. Previously an insurance agent and early childhood development educator, she decided to choose her health and family by taking a leap of faith to follow her passion. She started an accessory business and now dazzles lives $5 at a time, and helps others turn their side hustles into profitable businesses. With C.R.O.W.N Exclusive Tresa transforms spaces and events with executive event planning.

C.R.O.W.N Exclusive CEO

Smoothblenz – Vendor

Ashley Buggs provides the highest quality of herbs in the world from Jamaica, in Tampa Bay, FL.  ⁣Her seamoss smoothies are nutrient based with minerals to heal your body from within. Her highlighted ingredient sea moss is combined with ingredients perfectly blended to bring out vitamins & minerals. That can help to improve your health and bring out a glow in your skin.
With a balanced diet along with ɪꜱʟᴀɴᴅ ʙʟᴇɴᴅᴢ your body will thank you.

Little Main Street Dreams -Digital Sponsor

Little Main Street Dreams is a small business owned by a talented graphic designer, crafter, wife and mother of three, Stesha Kay.  Their favorite place on earth to travel as a family is Disney and the song “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” from the movie Cinderella inspired the name of her business. Her self-designed logo is influenced by Art Deco designs and Main Street U.S.A in Disney.  She specializes in branding, high-quality sublimation and heat transfer vinyl (HTV) products. She also creates amazing custom clothing, bridal gifts, aprons, mugs, and more. Stesha Kay is passionate about creating quality products and designs for her client’s needs. Little Main Street Dreams is the preferred vendor for all branded designs for Nurse Loves Essentials LLC.

Little MainStreet Dreams Logo
Sjogren's Solution Logo
Sjogren's Solution Logo

Sjogren’s Solution – Digital Sponsor

Life toughest moments are also are biggest teachers! 

Thats Divya’s story too. When life threw Sjogrens syndrome at her, and all doctors told her that she can only manage her disease with no real cure, she paved her own healing path by going the holistic route. This decision lead her to remission from Sjogrens and she has been there for almost 10 years now. She now has a voracious appetite for learning more and more about holistic and functional healing modalities as well as a deep passion for helping people bounce back up from Autoimmune disorders like Sjogrens and RA. 

Divya Dhawan is a National Board Certified Functional and Holistic Health coach, mother of 2 grown up and smart kids, pet mom and a wife. Her inspiration for following the holistic path are her mom, who has chronic RA and grand-mom who is her holistic healing goddess who always had a holistic remedy for everything and it always worked. 

Divya has been so inspired by her mom’s success and her own success with autoimmunity that she has made it her life’s mission to spread the message and process of healing with autoimmunity,  through being a Sjogrens and Autoimmunity coach. If you or someone you know who is struggling with and autoimmunity then feel free to reach out to Divya for a FREE Health Strategy Session using the link posted here. 

Click this link to get a FREE Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan.

Click this link to book an appointment.

C.R.O.W.N Exclusive CEO

Sonya K Crafts – Digital Vendor

I am Sonya and I am a corporate 9 to 5’er who discovered that she loves to craft (wreaths, fleece blankets, etc.) This love of crafting progressed into creating digital images and graphics as standalone, as well as creating them to add to products.  My concentration is on people of color as this group is still underrepresented.  I live in the Midwest and am the mother of a teenage son as well as a furbaby.

Click this link to get 10% off your entire order. Use code N51MA0XYC0MZ. The code contains zeros.

Body Health Options

Daryl Jones – Vendor

Body Health Options is a full time on-line dispensary for “Akanna” that offers the absolute best holistic health, wellness and CBD products available in today’s market 

The Nurses Circle Logo

Aneesha Nelson – Vendor

Meet Aneesha Nelson, Your Nurse Coach & Empowerment Advocate

Howard University Alumni

Proudly Born and Raised in New Jersey

With 25 years of invaluable experience in the healthcare industry, Aneesha is on a mission to empower Christian female nurses on their professional and spiritual journeys.

Key Focus Areas:

Overcoming Burnout: Aneesha equips you with practical strategies to combat burnout, manage stress, and prioritize self-care, rekindling the joy and fulfillment in your nursing career.

Work-Life Balance: Discover techniques that create harmony between your nursing responsibilities and personal life, allowing you to thrive in both areas.

Spiritual Renewal: Explore ways to integrate your faith into your nursing practice, finding profound meaning, purpose, and strength in your work.

Nurse-Inspired Apparel: Aneesha also offers a fantastic collection of nurse-themed t-shirts and drinkware, perfect for expressing your passion for nursing.

Experience the transformative power of personalized coaching through workshops and one-on-one sessions, all tailored to help you overcome burnout, find balance, and reignite your passion.

Join Aneesha in a vibrant community of Christian female nurses who uplift and support one another as they navigate the unique challenges of their careers and lives.

Connect with Aneesha Nelson today and embark on a journey towards a more fulfilling and sustainable nursing career.

Schedule a complimentary burnout to balance session


Hazel the Realtor
KissStick Lip Gloss

Hazel Fraser – Vendor

Hazel Fraser Croffie brings an impressive range of capabilities to her role of Realtor, Axiom Award  Winning Author, Business Owner, World Traveller & a Mentor to Young Entrepreneurs to name a few.  An Alumni of Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, Hazel received numerous accolades from The New York times, New York Post and Latina Magazine as creator of “Chula” Latina fashion which was sold in hundreds of Macys & Dillards stores, her “Candela” Brand  sold in JC Penny stores and Hazel’s “Azucar” Brand sold at the Sears stores.  Her 25 plus years designing, producing, marketing and traveling world prepared her for  endeavors in Real  Estate in both NY and Florida.  

Hazel is an expert in  Selling homes as well as  finding the dream home for her clients. Be sure to stop  by her booth for a  Complimentary copy of one of her Autographed Real Estate books. Together with her son Nicolas, they launched the Vegan  lip gloss collection with moisturizing Shea butter.  KissStick lip gloss is available online at and at the vendor area.  Hazel  is also a world traveller and hosts tours back to the motherland of Ghana West Africa. Anyone interested in traveling to Ghana should sign up at Hazels vendor area.

Ja'Nina Hamilton Coaching logo

Ja’Nina Hamilton – Vendor

After two pretty serious meltdowns during the pandemic surrounding perfectionism and people-pleasing, I decided it was time to gain emotional mastery around them. Using the techniques I learned while getting my certifications in emotional intelligence as well as self-care and boundary-setting, I have done just that, making myself a priority without feeling guilty. This results in better caring for my family and other responsibilities. Of course, I modified them to match my limited energy as I live with chronic illness so I can help you do the same. Let’s get you on the road to ditching the guilt!

Crafted with TLC logo

Crafted with TLC – Vendor

Embrace Empowerment and Style with Crafted with TLC!

Step into a world where every creation is a testament to empowerment and compassion

– welcome to Crafted with TLC, a haven of inspiration and support within the rare

disease, chronic illness, and disabled communities.

Where Every Piece Tells a Story:

Crafted with TLC is more than a brand; it’s a canvas for your unique journey. From our thoughtfully designed T-shirts that speak volumes, to our exquisite tumblers that keep you fueled on the go, and our heartwarming stickers that carry messages of hope – each creation is a work of art narrating your resilience.

Empowering Through Care:

Our essence lies in the fusion of creativity and care. Every design is a gesture of love, understanding, and strength. Crafted with TLC is a tribute to the unwavering spirit that defines these communities, and our pieces are a tangible reminder of the courage within each individual.

Inclusivity is Our Heartbeat:

As a women-owned and black-owned business, inclusivity is etched into our identity.

We’re dedicated to providing a space where everyone’s story matters, where every voice echoes, and where challenges are met with unwavering support. With Crafted with TLC, you’re not just purchasing products – you’re becoming part of a nurturing family.

Nurturing Communities, One Creation at a Time:

Crafted with TLC isn’t just about crafting goods; it’s about fostering connections. Our creations carry the warmth of a community that understands, uplifts, and encourages.

When you wear our pieces, you’re carrying a piece of this community with you, wherever you go.

Celebrate your uniqueness, honor your strength, and make a statement that resonates.

Join us on this journey of empowerment, as we craft each creation with tender loving care – because every individual, every story, and every challenge deserves to be celebrated.

Crafted with TLC – where empowerment and style intertwine.

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Nysha Curci, RN, RN-BC – Vendor

My name is Nysha. I’ve been a nurse for over 22 years. About 13 years ago, I began to have neurological issues. Doctors could not give me any clear reasons for my symptoms other than “anxiety”. This made me look deeper into the root cause of disease. 

I personally have changed my life through diet, exercise, and a detox regimen. I’ve learned so much and I love helping others on their personal health journeys. I’m passionate about people optimizing their health with nutrition, detox, and other wellness modalities.
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Dania Sanon – Vendor

She Flows Aromatic LLC, a black-owned business, is your go-to for holistic hormonal health. Specializing in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Aromatherapy, we offer a bio-individual approach to support women in their 20s to 40s. Our clients are health-conscious, spiritually inclined businesswomen who value their well-being. No two bodies are alike, and we’re here to help you tune into your unique cyclical flow.

Berthienna Green
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Berthienna Green – Digital Sponsor

Berthienna Green is a Poet, Motivational Speaker, Minister, Author, Warrior Writer Facilitator, and Wellness Coach with a focus on biohacking. She is also a featured co-author, on these International Christian Devotional Bestsellers: Discovering The Purpose In My Pain, I AM Stronger Than The Storm and God Blocked It. These are 28-Day Devotional Anthologies with scriptural references and thought-provoking questions to ponder along lifes journeys.

She is also a proud mother of 4 young adults, a grandmother of 4, an Air Force veteran, and a Survivor of Military Sexual Trauma. CEO/Founder of a non-profit ScreamingwithnoVoice, to focus on helping survivors of Sexual Assault, Domestic Abuse, Rape, and Attempted Suicide.

She has an Associates in Entrepreneurship and Small Business, a Bachelor’s in Business Administration w/Management Concentration, and a Certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell University.

She is a woman who knows that with Perseverance-you can do a mighty big thing. Her foundation is: “Perseverance is MY seed. What’s yours?”

You can connect with me on these social media platforms:

FaceBook: @Tina Green, Screamingwithnovoice

Instagram: @btina_6, Oswnv2022

Twitter: Liber_T1

Email: and/or

Business: 267-313-3311

Chantail Williams
Classic Hair Therapy

Berthienna Green – Digital Sponsor

Chantail Williams is a Global Textured Hair Care Specialist/Educator. She is the owner of Classic Hair Therapy, LLC. As a Licensed Cosmetologist & Certified Hair Loss Practitioner. She is known for providing clients with quality time, excellent customer service and professionalism. Her goal is to assist clients with hair solutions to the everyday issues that range from breakage, style maintenance, growth retention and hair loss. Her in depth consultations leave clients feeling confident and more in control of their Natural Hair and Hair Growth Issues. Previously, she has served as an Educator in Hillsborough County Public School for 10 years, and co -hair designer with a plethora of Tampa’s local Fashion Stylist /Designers.

Her joy is serving people throughout the Tampa Bay Area guiding people to care, grow, embrace and to love their tresses. Her work has been featured on various Tampa Runways, the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival, and in various productions of the Tampa Fashion Movement , Tampa Bay’s Fox News and Tampa’s Ch 10 News. She is currently a Pro Beauty Expert for HSN (THE HOME SHOPPING NETWORK) & is currently expanding her salon to focus more on Hair Growth Treatments and Services. Her mission is to educate about textured hair while promoting healthy hair, techniques and self love within.


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