Set the Vision to Thrive – Vision Board Workshop (2024)

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2024 Set the Vision to Thrive – Vision Board Workshop

Saturday, January 6, 2024 * Elevate Events & Catering * Brandon, FL

Set the Vision to Thrive - Vision Board Workshop








 About the Workshop:

✨ Set the Vision – Discover, Create, Thrive! ✨

Get ready for a transformative experience like no other! Join us at the Elevate Events & Catering in Brandon, FL, for Set the Vision to Thrive, an event designed to supercharge your goals, boost your mental health, and set you on the path to success in 2024.

🚀 What Awaits You:

✨ Vision Board Workshops: Engage in hands-on workshops to create a vision board that speaks to your aspirations and propels you toward your goals.

🧠 Mental Health Empowerment: Learn from expert speakers about the crucial connection between mental health and achieving your goals.

🤝 Connect and Collaborate: Network with a community of like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. Surround yourself with positivity and encouragement.

🎁 Exclusive Giveaways: Elevate your experience with chances to win incredible prizes that will inspire and motivate you throughout the year.

Attire: Wear Green in Honor of Mental Health Awareness Recommended

🎟️ Reserve Your Spot Now: Lunch & Vision Board Materials included. Bring magazines and other materials of your choice.

Save your seat for this life-changing event! Early bird registration opens now with Black Friday Savings. Don’t miss your chance to Set the Vision to Thrive and make 2024 YOUR year of triumph!

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our 1st fundraising campaign for Inflamed Sisters Thriving, a new non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women with autoimmune disease and chronic illness.

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Our goal is to raise $2,000 to support our mission of fostering a resilient community and advancing inclusive medical research.

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We’re on a mission to provide support, resources, and empowerment to women facing autoimmune challenges. Your contribution fuels our community’s growth and impact.

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🚨 Stay Tuned:

Keep an eye on our website for speaker announcements and workshop details. This is your chance to Set the Vision to Thrive and design a future filled with success!

Ready to elevate your life? Mark your calendar, spread the word, and get ready to Set the Vision to Thrive at Elevate Event Space in Brandon, FL, on January 6, 2024.

Set the Vision to Thrive with Us. Elevate your life in 2024. See you there! 🚀✨


📅 Date: January 6, 2024

🕰️ Time: 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM
📍 Location: Elevate Event & Catering, Brandon, FL

Who Should Attend?

Set the Vision to Thrive is designed for anyone who is ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and success. This event is perfect for:

1. **Dreamers and Visionaries:** If you have big dreams and aspirations for your life and career, Set the Vision to Thrive will provide you with the tools and inspiration to turn those dreams into reality.

2. **Entrepreneurs and Professionals:** Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your career, this event will offer valuable insights on achieving success while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

3. **Students and Graduates:** If you’re a student or recent graduate looking to set clear goals for your future, Set the Vision to Thrive will guide you in creating a vision for success and navigating the path ahead.

4. **Individuals Seeking Personal Growth:** If you’re on a journey of self-improvement and want to enhance your well-being, Set the Vision to Thrive will provide practical strategies for mindful living and mental health empowerment.

5. **Community Builders:** If you thrive in connecting with like-minded individuals, building a supportive network, and contributing to a positive community, Set the Vision to Thrive is the perfect opportunity to expand your circle.

6. **Those Facing Transition or Change:** Whether you’re undergoing a career change, transitioning in life, or seeking a fresh start, Set the Vision to Thrive will provide guidance and motivation for navigating transitions successfully.

No matter where you are in your journey, if you’re ready to elevate your vision and thrive in all aspects of your life, Set the Vision to Thrive is the event for you. Join us on January 6, 2024, from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM at Elevate Event Space in Brandon, FL, and take the first step toward a more empowered and fulfilling future.

Workshop Schedule

Event Schedule

In- Person Access Only: 11:30 am-2:30 pm ET


Featured Speakers

Catina Morrison, RN, BSN

Catina Morrison, RN, BSN

CEO, Chronic Illness Advocate & Business Consultant

Nurse Loves Essentials LLC

Inflamed Sisters Thriving (Non-Profit)

Tresa Williams-Dunston

Tresa Williams-Dunston

CEO| Corporate Event Planner

Crown Exclusive LLC

Elevate Events & Catering Picture
Elevate Events & Catering 2nd View


Inflamed Sisters Thriving Logo

**Our Mission**: Inflamed Sisters Thriving is a vibrant and compassionate community dedicated to empowering women who navigate the challenges of autoimmune and chronic illnesses. Our mission is to provide a supportive space where women can find strength, inspiration, and the tools they need to thrive, no matter the obstacles they face.

**Community and Support**: We believe in the power of unity and support. Our community is a haven for women to connect, share their journeys, and find solace in knowing they are not alone. Together, we offer a listening ear, encouragement, and the bonds of sisterhood.

**Education and Growth**: Education is at the heart of our community. We offer valuable resources, expert insights, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. We empower our members with knowledge, helping them take control of their lives and health.

**Advocacy and Awareness**: Inflamed Sisters Thriving is not just a community; it’s a movement. We are advocates, not only for ourselves but also for the broader chronic illness community. We believe in raising awareness, driving change, and making a positive impact.

**Prioritizing Wellness**: Wellness is paramount to us. We encourage our members to prioritize their physical and mental health as the foundation for achieving their goals and aspirations. We provide guidance and resources to support their well-being.

**Networking and Connections**: Our community is a hub for networking and building meaningful connections. We connect like-minded women, fostering collaborations, partnerships, and friendships.

**Advancing Research**: We actively participate in initiatives to advance research and awareness of autoimmune and chronic illnesses. We believe in contributing to progress and improving the lives of those affected.

Paradigm Consulting and Financial Solutions

Ekeyah Wallace is the CEO of Wallace, Johnson & Thomas Investments dedicated to helping others reach success as entrepreneur. Specializing in empowering first-time entrepreneurs identify business needs and prepare for the joy of long-term success. Ekeyah has been in the corporate and health communities for over 20 years, the health/life insurance industry for over 7 years. Graduating with her degree in International Business, Ekeyah is passionate about encouraging others with the knowledge that she acquired. During college Ekeyah discovered individuals that had unbelievable ideas but lacked understanding of business execution to bring those ideas to fruition. Teaching others how to be a BOSS became the focus. Attaining her Project Management certifications, (PMP, SCRUM, ITIL) and Insurance certifications opened new doors. As a qualified Project Manager, she worked for one of the country’s major Fortune 500 clinical laboratories while continuing to build her business.

After Ekeyah and her immediate family were diagnosed with rare auto immune and terminal illnesses, life pivoted. The importance of health and life insurance became a common topic when educating others on how to become successful entrepreneurs. Service to others became the mission; sitting on the board of trustees for colleges, creating/leading several projects to enhance the quality of life for employees and assisting entrepreneurs in beginning their journey has allowed Ekeyah to impact her community. These actions led to opportunities to provide one on one consultations and encourage others through speaking events. Inspiring others to introduce their gift to the world is the goal of entrepreneurship. Ekeyah has found joy in encouraging others to reach this goal while finding efficient resolutions to motivate their progress and empowering others to lead.




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