My journey as a Chronic Illness Coach and Professional Impactor (aka Content Creator) has allowed me the opportunity to partner with amazing brands offering a wide range of services and products that may be beneficial to you in your chronic illness health, career and business journey.  I have the privilege to partner with companies that provide natural and holistic products and services that benefit the autoimmune and chronic illness community.  These companies align with my mission to help others to stop hiding and start thriving in all aspects of life.

As a woman living with autoimmune disease and more, I understand how difficult it can be to find brands and products you can trust.  I have personally tried these brands’ products and services and have found them beneficial in aspects of my overall health, well-being, and business, also for for my clients. On my Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms including my podcast you will find additional details about my experience with these brands and their amazing products and services.

I encourage you to check out each of these brands and feel free to learn more about them on their websites.  If you choose to use the affiliate link and coupon codes for discounts provided to make a purchase, I may receive a commission that is at no extra cost to you.


My top favorite tools that I’ve found to be useful

KēWi Teas™ by Soul Stir

Boss Brunch Official Tea Sponsor: Soul Stir LLC
Boss Brunch Official Tea:KēWi Teas™ by Soul Stir
Soul Stir is a tea & wellness company founded in 2018 by sisters, tea artisans and holistic wellness advocates, Erin & Kristina Walden, better known as The Soul Sisters of Tea™. The company’s mission is to “promote self-care, wellness and community through the practice of tea ritual” and to share simple and sustainable practices for experiencing daily well-being. Soul Stir‘s mission is carried out through the creation and curation of products and services that nurture the mind, body and soul.

The company’s signature tea brand, KēWi Teas™ by Soul Stir is a collection of all natural, artisan teas and tisanes masterfully crafted with exceptional quality tea leaves, organic herbs, pure spices, and real fruit. Their teas boast an array of beautiful flavors, varied wellness benefits, and are always crafted with the most important ingredient, love.

Use Coupon Code SISTERSTHRIVING for discount.

Mindflight Journey

The vegan leather journal, created by a mother-daughter team with chronic illness, offers daily entries to track symptoms and meds, plus inspiration and creative prompts for introspection and growth. Use coupon code NURSELOVE for 15% off.

Little Main Street Dreams

Little Main Street Dreams is a small business specializing in high quality sublimation and heat transfer vinyl (HTV) products. They create amazing custom clothing, bridal gifts, aprons, mugs, and more. They are passionate about creating quality products and designs for their client’s needs.

Bossa Bars

Bossa Bars are delicious, low-calorie energy bars that help women manage sugar cravings and weight gain during menopause. They are plant-protein, low sugar, high fiber, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, low carb, and keto/paleo friendly. Use Coupon Code: CATINA10 for 10% off.


Start your day with Powderful. Formulated to support your mind, body, and soul, with 15 ingredients, adaptogens, mushrooms, and antioxidants. Add it to oatmeal, smoothies, teas, juice for extra energy, skin, gut, and immune support. Use coupon code CATINA10 for 10% off.

Necessary Nutrition

Necessary Nutrition was founded in 2008 by Certified Nutrition Specialist Robin Allen.  Robin is a mother, nutritionist, entrepreneur and the creator of Necessary Vitamin D.  Robin has been featured on CNN Headline news and countless media outlets sharing her insight on food and nutrition. She has inspired thousands of women to use food and nutrition to build and repair their bodies, and she continues to connect others to resources and tools to help them live a peaceful, health filled life. Use Coupon Code: CATINA for a discount.

Note: This page contains affiliate links. I only recommend the products that I love and have used myself.