8 Easy Tips for Staying Motivated in Adversity: Genesis’ Story 

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Disclaimer: All of our warriors willingly shared their stories without being coerced neither did the editor include her views in the shared story segment of this blog post.

Living with a chronic illness can be demoralizing. One minute, you feel fine; the next, you could be battling the worst nightmare you wouldn’t wish on your enemy. You probably work and manage a business or family, and staying motivated seems unfair. 

While I don’t have it all figured out, the eight tips shared after Genesis’ story prove helpful when we feel unmotivated to believe in our journey, keep healthy, or perform a task. 

Genesis’ Story on Motivation

About Genesis

Genesis Amaris Kemp is a Visionary Life coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author.

Staying motivated. Genesis Kemp, an African American woman

She is a Firecracker and “Mindset Hacker,” a force to be reckoned with.

Genesis is a woman who empowers others to speak up for themselves. Yes, it may be challenging; yes, it may hurt. But in the long run, she desires to encourage others to help those who may not have a voice. She is a trailblazer who wants others to live out their dreams, goals, and visions. We all have been given an excellent purpose in life, and it is up to us to walk it out and live victoriously!

She is multifaceted and multidimensional that cannot be contained in a box or categorized.

1. What is your mission or passion, and how is it connected to your journey? Use this question to explain your journey and how it is connected to what drives you to spread awareness, what you are passionate about, or your mission.

My mission is to spread awareness to educate, inspire, and motivate others while bridging the gap and connecting the dots between diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. This is connected to my journey because I want to be the best version of myself with no strings attached.

If I can change one life and one soul, it creates a domino effect because that individual will go on and help others find their spark.

2. What challenges did you face in your journey, and how did you overcome them?

When my dad passed in November 2020, it felt like something knocked the wind out of me. Then, I got laid off from my corporate job in Oil and Gas / Energy. My grandmother passed in August 2021, and my other grandmother recently passed in January 2022.

I got over these experiences by learning the lesson that came with each one and all the fond memories I have and made with each one, and I can cherish them all.

3. What is the most important thing(s) you have learned from your journey and the mission/passion it led you to?

The tests I endured turned into my testimonies, and the messes I went through helped with my messaging to set myself apart from others. Also, everything I went through is personal, and no one can take that away from me.

Now I can share my experiences with the world to help those in need.

4. What do you recommend to others facing the same challenges now?

Live life on your terms, do not shrink back no matter what, rise above limitations, and break down barriers at all costs. Life is what you make it, and you have the power to shape it into what you want.

5. How do you use your platform to bring awareness or support your mission/passion to help others?

I use my platform as a place for others to share their journeys to help educate, inspire, and motivate others, as those are my core pillars. Then I believe in having conversations about learning something new from someone and sharing something.

6. Please provide links to your platforms that you would like others to access your information, i.e., Instagram, Facebook, or website.

Website – https://genesisamariskemp.net/genesis%20amaris%20kemp 

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/genesisamariskemp/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/genesisamaris.kemp.3/

Twitter – @GenesisAKemp

Mrs. Genesis Amaris Kemp

Visionary Lifecoach / Motivational Speaker / Author / DEI Advocate


Donations: https://venmo.com/GenesisAmarisKemp

Staying motivated in adversity: THE HOW

1. Learn to rise above limitations

The truth is, many times, you will feel like you’ve lost control of your body, health, or whatnot, which is fine. You might get that physician/specialist report and wonder if there will ever be light at the end of your tunnel. But when you’ve conditioned your mind to think that there will be limitations and unexpected curves on your journey, it’s easier for you to rise above them.

2. Maintain healthy boundaries

You never want to juggle managing your health condition with dealing with unreasonable/unempathetic friendships. Likewise, healthy relationships could be highly instrumental in encouraging you during challenging moments. Know which relationship to keep and always set healthy boundaries with respect at the core.

3. Take charge of your mind

You have a right to feel every emotion that comes with living with a chronic illness. Similarly, be in control of your mind, not vice-versa. As you allow those emotions to sink, navigate them to your upliftment. For example, I am upset about not finishing my daily tasks because of sudden back pain. Rather than beating myself up for always experiencing this back pain to the point of giving up on this task, I give myself grace, let my body rest, and continue the next day. This is how you take charge of your mind.

4. Laugh without reasons

It’s that simple! You could be at work and think about one silly joke someone else made on Facebook, haha! Don’t bottle in that positive feeling; laugh and let go of the stress. As you do this, you slowly ease out of the unmotivated feeling. 

5. Frequently recite positive affirmations

I can’t overemphasize the importance of speaking positively about your life and health; it is almost magical. Check out my list of 150 positive affirmations by six warriors living with distinct chronic illnesses. 

6. Take responsibility

Yes, you are facing a hard time, and that’s okay! You might not be the strongest in the room; that’s fine too! With the awareness of your health condition, don’t let that define you. Take responsibility and be excellent in all you do.

Pause rest but never give up

7. Release yourself from your past

Sometimes, when you feel unmotivated, it could result from holding on to your past. You were once healthy and could run 5 miles without getting tired, but now, you can’t, which keeps you demotivated. When you feel this way, talking to a therapist becomes necessary. Be honest about your anger, so this person can better help you. As you let go of your past and focus on the current reality, you learn how to be powerful even in the now. 

8. Rest

It never gets old. You could be unmotivated because your body is probably tired. Stop to rest! 



You’ve read yet another encouraging story which I hope spurs you to be the best version of yourself. 

As Genesis pointed out, allow yourself to feel the feelings, but take the lessons from each experience. Also, sharing your victory is a powerful tool in inspiring others to live life to its fullest despite the hard times you go through. 

Finally, you probably feel energized and ready to take on the world right now, but that feeling might not last long. But regardless of when that unmotivated feeling pops up, you are now better equipped to rise from it and stay motivated.

Remember, you are in charge of your mind! You’ve got this!

What other tips do you have for staying motivated?

Editor’s note: Your story is vital in our journey to educate and shed light on the successful lives that people with chronic illnesses lead. To share your story with the world, click here.

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