10 Keys to a Successful Business even with a Chronic Illness

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Are you trying to run a business while living with a chronic illness? First, I’m sending you a big virtual hug and telling you that you will be fine, you will make it in your business, and the world will know your name. 

It’s not easy to deal with a chronic illness while running a business, especially if you own it, which is why I have written down the keys to a successful business, even when dealing with a chronic illness. 

Managing a chronic illness means maintaining a healthy balance between your health and work, which is challenging. Aside from your health, you also have to ensure you get the respect you deserve from partners, investors, and employees.

Challenges of owning a business with a chronic illness.

Aside from the limitations of their physical body, the stigma, and disrespect from society make it so much worse.

At every point, it’s like life is just waiting to give you a million-plus-one reason why you can’t do it, but you can. There’s nothing you put your mind to that you cannot achieve.

Perhaps you are just deciding to start a business, or you’ve had one for a while. Here are some challenges that you have or will face:

  • Health limitations
  • Financial setback
  • Lack of productivity
  • Low trust from customers
  • Frustration
  • Anxiety

Entrepreneurship is a challenging world on its own, and living with a chronic illness might make it seem impossible, but it isn’t!

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Keys to a successful business with a chronic illness.

With all the challenges faced, I think it makes the results more rewarding. It takes effort, patience, faith, resilience, and passion to start, excel, and manage a growing business alongside chronic illness.

Here are some keys I know will help you if you are at your wit’s end.

1. Positive mindset

Never underestimate the power of your mind. Do not entertain the thoughts of failure, and don’t make giving up an option. Positivity is the first key to success, and you must consistently have a positive mindset.

You should deliberately find things to be grateful for, make peace with your diagnosis, consider it a part of you, and find ways to work around it. Don’t see yourself as less of who you are because of the disease, as this will only limit your capacity.

You can also practice positive affirmations to get your mind where you need it to be.

2. A support group

Have people who love and support you no matter what. It could be a community or your family, as long as you get the support you need. 

A support group will motivate you to do more and encourage you when you’re down.

3. Assign tasks

If you can outsource services or delegate tasks to an employee, it will take a lot of stress off you. 

The key is to get capable people around you and have credible partners you can trust with specific tasks. It doesn’t mean you should become lax, but don’t be afraid to delegate tasks when the need arises.

4. Proper health management

Your health is your priority. If you want your business to be successful, you have to make efforts to manage your health rightly.

If your health is fine, showing up and being consistent gets easier. You can only work when you are healthy, so consider your health management as an investment in your business.

5. Automate

If there is a way to automate some things in your business to make it easier for you, then invest in it.

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6. Set your own pace

Never compare yourself with others. When managing chronic illness with work, focusing on yourself and not others is vital. Set your own goals and go at your own pace.

7. Take needed breaks.

You can have a bad day at the doctor’s and not be able to be productive for the entire day, and that’s okay. Take the rest of the day off, rest, reorganize, and go again the next day.

If you try to overstretch yourself, you might break down completely. Having to take breaks is okay and not a sign of weakness. If we live today, we live to fight another day.

8. Be passionate 

The leading motivation for chronic illness is to focus on your passion. 

If your business model isn’t around something you love or have passion for, it gets easy to be dragged into the underground of depression and frustration.

Focus on your passion when your stress level is high.

9. Schedule your time

Have a to-do list of everything you need to do daily. You can create it the night before or very early in the morning, as it will help you take inventory of the things that are important and urgent as well. 

You can also objectively view which tasks will be more than what you can handle and which isn’t.

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10. Keep learning

Give yourself to constant learning. It will make you happy and fulfilled while keeping you in the loop. Having adequate knowledge of what you’re doing will also boost your confidence and earn you respect among your employees and the industry community.

Benefits of running a business when you have a chronic illness.

As I earlier mentioned, the results are worth more because of the challenges faced. 

Anytime you want to give up on your business, just remember the few benefits that managing your own brand will give you.

Confidence boost

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness and having to live life more delicately than the next person can affect your self-esteem and confidence.

Managing a business gives you a sense of ‘normalcy’ and control, which will improve your health quality.


As an entrepreneur, you rely on yourself for important decisions and delegate tasks to others (if you have employees). It helps you extend that reliance into your daily life. And you start to trust your life decisions again.


People with chronic illnesses face several challenges in a corporate environment. For instance, you have to work on someone else’s schedule and timeline and meet your weekly/monthly quota while still being unsure of the stability of your position.

However, being an entrepreneur changes everything, and you get to work on your schedule. You also get to give yourself breaks when you need them without the fear of being sacked.

Income stream

Your profits will start rolling in as long as you give yourself to learning and implementing success tips for your business, 

You don’t have to worry about the next doctor’s appointment or treatment options.

You don’t have to worry about not being able to provide financial support to your spouse or any other money worries you might have had.


It gives you happiness, and that’s final! The fulfillment that comes with knowing you are effectively managing a business, earning extra income, and being as healthy as possible is indescribable.

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No pressure

You also do not have to deal with the unnecessary pressure in the workplace that might tempt you to ignore the red signs your body gives you and creates an unhealthy work-life balance (insert the link to blog post).


One thing I love about owning a business while dealing with a chronic illness is the sense of purpose and achievement it gives. Sometimes, you might not even mind if you aren’t earning, but just being able to have something to look forward to and provide you with joy is a blessing, medicine, and miracle combined.

I believe these keys to a successful business while dealing with a chronic illness are enough to get you to the crux of your career and make a name for yourself in whatever niche you choose. In selecting your kind of business, ensure it is something that makes you happy.

What business are you considering? How have you dealt with combining business with health management?

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